Day 11

Today we got up and ate breakfast as normal at 8 o’clock. After the breakfast a few of the girls started to pack up their stuff. At 10 o’clock we all drove to the supermarket to get things for the lunch and everyone could get some stuff for themselves with their own money. Around 12:30 p. m. the boys group stardet to cook burgers for lunch, after the lunch we cleaned up a few more things and then drove to the bowling center so we don’t just sit around an get bored. We played for an hour and then a few of the students got to Starbucks while the others still stayed at the bowling center and played billiard. Unlucky there was a situation and because of that we drove home earlier than expected. At home we all cleaned up the rest of the things and then got to bed early so we could get enough sleep for the big trip to Germany on the next day.

Written by Ona.

The burger – bufett
At the bowling center

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