Day 11

Today we got up and ate breakfast as normal at 8 o’clock. After the breakfast a few of the girls started to pack up their stuff. At 10 o’clock we all drove to the supermarket to get things for the lunch and everyone could get some stuff for themselves with their own money. Around 12:30 p. m. the boys group stardet to cook burgers for lunch, after the lunch we cleaned up a few more things and then drove to the bowling center so we don’t just sit around an get bored. We played for an hour and then a few of the students got to Starbucks while the others still stayed at the bowling center and played billiard. Unlucky there was a situation and because of that we drove home earlier than expected. At home we all cleaned up the rest of the things and then got to bed early so we could get enough sleep for the big trip to Germany on the next day.

Written by Ona.

The burger – bufett
At the bowling center

Day 10

This morning we went to Northampton at about 10:00 am. There we all split up and went to a mall. At 2:00 pm we went back to the Nursery and the boys made rice pudding. Later in the evening a group went to bouldering. We were there for about 2 hours. Kevin and Jonah did better than expected and had fun on it. After that we went back and had dinner.

Written by Celine.


Day 9

As planned, we went to London for the second time today. This time we decided to visit a museum first and then have some free time in London.
Celine, Jorna and Mariella went to the British Library. Everyone else went to the National History Museum, after this Kevin and Aliana went to the Science Museum. In our free time, we all went out to eat, looked at shops, street musicians and the city. When we all arrived at our meeting point at the station entrance, we took the train and then the car back to Nobottle Nursery. Today we didn’t have anything cooked as the money for food had already been spent on London, but because we didn’t have anything to eat we had to go shopping again. In the evening we played some cards.

Written by Jonah.

National history museum
The big and famous toy shop: Hamleys.

Day 8

Today, we decided to go to Oxford. We parked near the Westgate Mall, which served as a starting point for small-group explorations. Even in the parking lot, the students met some „interesting“ Oxford locals. The group of girls mostly used this opportunity to explore the city’s numerous shopping options. Meanwhile, our group of boys are looking for conversations with locals and wanted to give them cent coins disguised as „Deutsche Mark“. We educators, explored numerous historical buildings and parks during a walk through the old town. After a successful trip, Jonah, Paul, and Finn bought tickets for the second London trip at the train station. The day concluded with homemade pancakes and some group activitys.

Written by Kevin

The old part of Oxford

Day 6, Friday 21.04.2023

Today we played lasertag. We decided to play in two teams; boys against girls. The boys won in all of the three rounds. For lunch we had pasta with a sauce made out of vegetables. Later we went shopping in a mall nearby and buyed a few things like sweets, clothes and some fancy soaps and also stuff for Shari’s and Ona’s birthday, for example balloons. There was a cool store where you could buy cups and incense sticks and also one that was full of plants that even had a soft cactus, but unfortunately everything was very expensive. In the evening the girls made cupcakes for Ona’s and Shari’s birthday. The weather was pretty alright and we had lots of fun. In summary, it was a very good day.

Written by Mariella

Day 7 – Samstag der 22.4.23

In the morning we started at 11 a.m. to the racetrack Silverstone. There we watched oldtimer races. There were many different car brands. I most liked the brands Mercedes and Mini. At 4:30 p.m. we drove back to the Nursery.
Written by Arno

Some pretty old cars
The pit lane
Our places and view

Day 5

The day starts at 8 a.m. with breakfast. We wanted to play Lasertag, but the students called too late so we had to postpone it until the next day. We upgraded the pizza oven and were able to make some of the pizza in it at lunchtime. A few people from the group went shopping, at Sainsbury’s. At 5 p.m. we drove with a small group to a Flesh and Blood tournament in Northampton, it was very funny and the most of the people was friendly. The tournament ended at 11 p.m.

Written by Finn

Der Pizzaofen # 3
Flesh and Blood Tournament

Day 4

This morning everyone could apeer to the breakfast in any time there want it.
At 13:45 pm we drove to Northhampton with a few of us. The students got to a supermarket to buy some Snacks while Kevin and Anja took a walk in the park. Then we walked to the pond at the park and found a good place were we could sit. After the little break we took, we bought us a ice cream and meet Anja and Kevin at the playground again. The girls drove to the Nobottle Nursery and the boys drove to sainsburys and bought food. We started to cook noodles for dinner at 18 pm. After the dinner we went to our caravans and speak with our friends.

Written by Shari

Some moments from the Abington Park.

Day three

We got on the train to London at just before ten and travel for 1 hour to London. After which we first walked by a church and then took the tube and went to London Eye. After that we walked to Big Ben and bought a little something at a very cool market called M&S before we also went to Buckingham Palace and to a shopping mall in the heart of London. All in all, it was a very nice trip and I was able to learn a lot. Pictures follow below 🙂

The sights we visited.

Written by Paul.

Blog day 1

The day started at 4:30am at the school, there we packed the cars so that we could leave at 5:00am. After about half an hour we picked up the last student, then drove on completely. After about 6 1/2 hours we arrived at the ferry and after three control houses, we finally drove on the ferry. The car came through without problems, but the bus was taken controlled and made it just in time as the last car on the ferry. After a short meeting, we explored the ferry in Little groups.

Two hours long we drove over the sea and arrived at 13:20 the mainland. From there we drove another 3 1/2 hours until we finally reached our destination. The car arrived a bit later. After we explorered the area we moved into the caravan and survived a water damage. The water damage happened about 15 minutes after the arrival of the car and caused very limited water and toilet possibility. But this problem was accepted and a small group went shopping for dinner. After this dinner we went to bed.

The creator is Jorna.

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