Blog Day 2

Our first morning in Northhampton started at 8am.
The plumber came to look for our Pipes wich broke a day before. We hoped that he could fix it and we became hot water.
When he was gone we ate our first breakfast at the england trip. The teachers had a meeting and after that we planed what we need to buy for the week and what we wanted to do in London. One part of the students went to supermarket buying food and too a …. buying the tickets to go to london.
At the same time the other ones played Uno or walked over the site.
The Boys built a heater on their own where they baked a bread later.
In the evening we cooked rice with vegetables and later we played games, read books or talked to eachother.

created by Aliana


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  1. Think like hot water. Act like hot water. Until one day you become hot water.

    We are pipers till the end.

    P.S. Aliana, when are you going to send me your GTA


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