Nobottle Nursery Sprachenreise

First Day (09.30.22) 

Our trip to England started at 6 am in Westerburg. We drove through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In France we switched to the ferry at half past one and got to England after one hour. 

At 6pm we arrived in Northamton and ate at the „German Döner Kebab”. The Kebab tasted good but nothing likely to Germany. Our group arrived at quarter past eight in the evening at the nursery. In the evening we played ”Werwölfe”.

Second Day (10.01) 

On the second day, we planned a lot, like the groups (cooking for an example), trips etc. We also got to meet the group very well by playing games like hide&seek and tag. 

In the evening we watched ”Narnia” and sat on the couch with five instead of recommeded three people. 

Third day (10.02) 

On the third day we’ve played a lot, like hide&seek and tag. A small group planned the trips to London and Oxford. In the afternoon we explored Northamton and ate ice cream.

Fourth day (10.03) 

On this day we wanted to go to the swimming pool. Unfortunately Stefan Merlins planning wasn’t as good as we thought because the swimming pool was closed for two more hours. That’s why we decided to go to the bowling center first. After that we drove back to the swimming pool and we had a lot of fun. At the end of the day we played hide&seek again.

Fifth day (10.04) 

The girls cooking group wanted to buy things for the breakfast, but Lucas, who is also a girl didn’t wake up at the right time. So Flo tried to wake him up with noises etc. but it didn’t work as well as he thought, so at the end he had to put water in his ear. The end of this was, that the girls needed to wait for Lucas like for 20 minutes till they could go shopping for breakfast. Also our group has driven to the gardenshow and there we sold plants as little groups. The rest of the time, we explored the castle and the garden, it was very lovely. 

Best regards from Linus E., Jens L. and Steven H.

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