Day three to six


 The third day (Visiting Lady Di)
 We had breakfast at 8 am and then planned our day, including our visit to Lady Diana’s estate and the site where she was buried we started our journey at 3 pm. We spent around 5 hours exploring Lady Diana’s property and visiting the graveyard where she was laid to rest. After that, we went back to our caravan and Then, we returned for dinner. 

The fourth day (Market Harborough)

We had breakfast again at 8am and we went back to our caravans at around 9am. Then, at 10am, we went to the market and finished around 3pm. After that, we packed up our things and sold plants to different people at different times throughout the day. When we weren’t selling, we walked around the city or just sat around. In the evening, we planned to go to the swimming pool, but it didn’t work out, so we will go tomorrow. And Philip is an awesome guy

The fifth day (Warner Brother Studios)

Today there was a group that watched the Harry Potter Marathon. During that, a group was swimming and at 4:00 p.m. a group went to the Harry Potter Studios, the original scenery was set up and you could get a lot of information, you can’t get in the Harry Potter movies or if you read it on the Internet,

The sixth day (Coronation)

Today we were at the coronation. One part of the group watched the coronation in Northampton, were they also met the Mayor and Mayorness of Northampton. The other part of the group went to London for the coronation.


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