Day 10

This morning we went to Northampton at about 10:00 am. There we all split up and went to a mall. At 2:00 pm we went back to the Nursery and the boys made rice pudding. Later in the evening a group went to bouldering. We were there for about 2 hours. Kevin and Jonah did better than expected and had fun on it. After that we went back and had dinner.

Written by Celine.


Day 6, Friday 21.04.2023

Today we played lasertag. We decided to play in two teams; boys against girls. The boys won in all of the three rounds. For lunch we had pasta with a sauce made out of vegetables. Later we went shopping in a mall nearby and buyed a few things like sweets, clothes and some fancy soaps and also stuff for Shari’s and Ona’s birthday, for example balloons. There was a cool store where you could buy cups and incense sticks and also one that was full of plants that even had a soft cactus, but unfortunately everything was very expensive. In the evening the girls made cupcakes for Ona’s and Shari’s birthday. The weather was pretty alright and we had lots of fun. In summary, it was a very good day.

Written by Mariella

Day 7 – Samstag der 22.4.23

In the morning we started at 11 a.m. to the racetrack Silverstone. There we watched oldtimer races. There were many different car brands. I most liked the brands Mercedes and Mini. At 4:30 p.m. we drove back to the Nursery.
Written by Arno

Some pretty old cars
The pit lane
Our places and view

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