Day 9

As planned, we went to London for the second time today. This time we decided to visit a museum first and then have some free time in London.
Celine, Jorna and Mariella went to the British Library. Everyone else went to the National History Museum, after this Kevin and Aliana went to the Science Museum. In our free time, we all went out to eat, looked at shops, street musicians and the city. When we all arrived at our meeting point at the station entrance, we took the train and then the car back to Nobottle Nursery. Today we didn’t have anything cooked as the money for food had already been spent on London, but because we didn’t have anything to eat we had to go shopping again. In the evening we played some cards.

Written by Jonah.

National history museum
The big and famous toy shop: Hamleys.

Day 8

Today, we decided to go to Oxford. We parked near the Westgate Mall, which served as a starting point for small-group explorations. Even in the parking lot, the students met some „interesting“ Oxford locals. The group of girls mostly used this opportunity to explore the city’s numerous shopping options. Meanwhile, our group of boys are looking for conversations with locals and wanted to give them cent coins disguised as „Deutsche Mark“. We educators, explored numerous historical buildings and parks during a walk through the old town. After a successful trip, Jonah, Paul, and Finn bought tickets for the second London trip at the train station. The day concluded with homemade pancakes and some group activitys.

Written by Kevin

The old part of Oxford

Day three

We got on the train to London at just before ten and travel for 1 hour to London. After which we first walked by a church and then took the tube and went to London Eye. After that we walked to Big Ben and bought a little something at a very cool market called M&S before we also went to Buckingham Palace and to a shopping mall in the heart of London. All in all, it was a very nice trip and I was able to learn a lot. Pictures follow below 🙂

The sights we visited.

Written by Paul.

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