Day 8

Today, we decided to go to Oxford. We parked near the Westgate Mall, which served as a starting point for small-group explorations. Even in the parking lot, the students met some „interesting“ Oxford locals. The group of girls mostly used this opportunity to explore the city’s numerous shopping options. Meanwhile, our group of boys are looking for conversations with locals and wanted to give them cent coins disguised as „Deutsche Mark“. We educators, explored numerous historical buildings and parks during a walk through the old town. After a successful trip, Jonah, Paul, and Finn bought tickets for the second London trip at the train station. The day concluded with homemade pancakes and some group activitys.

Written by Kevin

The old part of Oxford

Day 4

This morning everyone could apeer to the breakfast in any time there want it.
At 13:45 pm we drove to Northhampton with a few of us. The students got to a supermarket to buy some Snacks while Kevin and Anja took a walk in the park. Then we walked to the pond at the park and found a good place were we could sit. After the little break we took, we bought us a ice cream and meet Anja and Kevin at the playground again. The girls drove to the Nobottle Nursery and the boys drove to sainsburys and bought food. We started to cook noodles for dinner at 18 pm. After the dinner we went to our caravans and speak with our friends.

Written by Shari

Some moments from the Abington Park.

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